Sazerac/Concord Street

By: Christian Hawkins
Runner-Up Winner of the 2nd Annual Halloween Contest

Unfurling. Uncurling.
The yellow fog shifts in his slumber
his hot breath drifts through
    the streets
         the staccato sounding streets.

strangers in the night
exchange their glances
then splash on into

the lingering golden puddles of light
Drift through the soft October night
like fall leaves in the wind

and all at once.

The staccato sounding streets give way
Drowned out by her legato sighs.

Her biting icy breath


         across the blackened sky.

And the whole wide world is fast asleep
while the moon dips down into the glassy sea
in the wee small hours
of November morning

Christian Hawkins is an arts turned physics major with a love for imagism and classicism. His favorite literary works range from the poetry of T.E. Hulme, to T.S. Eliot’s essays, to comics by Frank Morrison and Scott Snyder, to John Muir, and Ernest Hemingway.