When I Watch Her Leave

By: Jake Keim

Cruel is the god who takes away the light,
Removing purpose and happiness.
Laughter and love, gone,
All that makes life worth living.

But malicious is the god who taunts one with the light,
Allowing small slivers of light to seep through the cracks of dark
Misery and sorrow, gone
Just to return again.

Hollow is the victim of a cruel god,
with no end in sight of the lightless world.
Alone and miserable he is,
Nothing to make life worth living

Damned is the victim of a malicious god.
He sees what life could be and curses the God that denies him.
Hateful and enraged he is,
Willing to consume the world to behold the light.

Misunderstood is the god whose creation wonders in darkness.
It wonders “why me” and cries out with no answer.
Blind and abandoned he feels,
Even though it wasn’t the god’s intentions.

Sad is the creation that feels tortured by its god.
It wonders “why me” and tries to push through till it has the light.
Hated and pathetic it feels,
Hoping to one day hold all the light

And to feel its warm embrace enfold him.

But kind is the god who gives its creation a purpose.
It has a reason to keep moving towards the light, or to find its own.
Perseverance and hope empower it,
Striving to achieve their desired purpose.

Benevolent is the god whose creation can hold its light,
To finally reach the ever desired source of happiness.
Blissful and ecstatic it is,
To feel the embrace of the ever perfect light.

Happy is the creation that sees its light,
Feeling the warm embrace of what makes life worth it.
Radiant and delightful it is
To finally see purpose in a world of eternal darkness.

Blessed is the creation that can hold its light,
Knowing that everything is there in a single glowing entity.
Divine and enlightening it is
To find the love that makes all the darkness worth enduring,

And to feel its warm embrace enfold him.