By: Jake Keim

Let me leave the troubles of the day
And escape the horrors of the night
Where the dancing thoughts rest from play
And the problems retreat from sight.
Do not set the interrupting clock;
I’ve already shut the door and turned the lock.

I just want to shut my eyes and lose track of time,
So I can finally hide and leave responsibility behind.
I’ve said goodnight; now let me feel sublime
And retreat to the deep recesses of my mind.
Do not bother turning on any lights;
It’s not like I’ll have much use for my sight.

Let me be with Her again, that radiant smile,
Her gentle touch against my blushing face.
To say I don’t miss Her is an act of denial.
I want to spend eternity with this angel of grace,
So I dream of Her, where I can hold Her in my arms,
But I’m always awakened by the blaring alarm.

God forbid that the monsters come for me in my sleep.
They bring horror. The darkening, haunting
Horror of the shadows in which they creep
Always keeps me awake. I am so scared of the daunting
Chance that their visions and words hold some truth.
My dreams are gone. To me, sleep no longer soothes.

I no longer sleep, too fearful of nightmares.
I lie awake, suspicious of my room’s darkness,
Where monsters can watch me with malicious glares.
But She returns to me and her brightness
Dispels my worries and fears, reminding me why I ache
To see her while I am wide awake.