By: Kailey Milks

Don’t you give me that-
I’ve been around the block a time
or two. I’ve seen the way things
happen ’round here. The stealthy way
shit goes down, like this town’s got
a real good digestive track.
‘Cause that’s just it, right?
We’re living in the bowels.
in the gutters.
in the large intestines of our great
Mother Nature. And if you don’t sit well
with her, she’ll give you a bad case
of the runs, and you’ll be flushed outta here by
sundown. So don’t you give me that
“white-picket-fence” pitch like I don’t got
the stomach for this place. Sell it to me straight.
‘Cause in the end I know that even with its healthy colon,
this town is sending us all down the drain.