Ponticuli – Episode 14 – Dr. Morgan Koerner and Virtual Metatheater



I can imagine a day when the College of Charleston community comes together for its own version of CoronaFest to swap stories about teaching during the COVID-19 campus closure. I know there are some doozies. One that I did get to pay attention to and had a chance to attend via YouTube’s Live Stream and Zoom is Professor Morgan Koerner’s German 468 class who attempted—and successfully pulled off—what was several months ago unimaginable: a virtual theater production/radio show of Goethe’s Faust. The only thing grittier than the production itself, named 2Faust2Furious, is how Koerner and his students adapted to the situation, overcame the obstacles, learned a portfolio list of new technologies, and delivered an introspective adaptation sure to render you speechless in the last two minutes, if not before. So, Episode 14 is me talking with Morgan about the experience—it’s process and venue. It’s a tale of tenacity and resilience that accurately reflects the innovative spirit of our faculty.

To watch the full show, click on the YouTube video below:

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