Ponticuli – Episode 13 – Librarians Assemble: Our Superhero Collaborators

Elena Rodriguez, Amanda Kraft, and Gretchen Scronce

I had the privilege of speaking with three instructional librarians during this campus closure: Elena Rodriguez, Amanda Kraft, and Gretchen Scronce. They shared some important information with me. The first is that every school has a liaison, a librarian who is ready, willing, and able to collaborate. Also, faculty who work with them have several key advantages. They know:

  • what collaboration with a liaison looks like
  • how librarians meet faculty needs
  • what OER initiatives are happening at CofC along with their benefits

In the end, I also reached out to Professor Elaine Worzala, a faculty member in the School of Business who has benefited from partnering with Amanda Kraft. She related from a professor’s perspective what the collaborative effort looks like.

Below are some links that will help you:

I hope you’ll consider contacting your library liaison, your own professional superhero research partner.

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