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Music Therapy at MUSC!

Welcome to 2020, and I look forward to our inaugural visiting scholar this spring (more information to follow). For now, read here about music therapy being offered at MUSC.

Neurodiversity Initiative

What is neurodiversity? Basically, it’s the idea that people whose brains are wired differently from the “norm” should be embraced and celebrated! While none of us is normal, this effort has focused on people with autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, epilepsy, schizophrenia, chronic migraine, and psychological disabilities.
In order to highlight neurodiversity as an important form of diversity, the College of Charleston is hosting an exciting series of events. As you come to campus, you will see our banner and numerous signs providing statistics and information about neurodiversity. We are encouraging all members of our campus to provide us with a creative work (e.g. art, photography, writing) in a non-digital form that answers this question: “What does neurodiversity mean to you?”
This piece of creative work is due by September 20th and can be dropped off at various location sites. We will display all of the pieces together at a reception to be held on October 7 from 5-6:30PM in the Rita Hollings Science Center, Room 101. The art work will be displayed throughout the campus during the month of October! We will also be hosting a series of brown bag lunches in October to celebrate disability awareness month. Each session will be from 12-1pm in the Alumni Center.
Our series will culminate with a talk about workplace inclusion by Laura Owens, Ph.D., CESP, president of Transcen, a company that works with large corporations to include neurodivergent people.
The talk will be on October 28 from 3-4.