Media Collections Shelf Shifting

Since Media Collections was established at the Addlestone Library in May of 2006 we have at least doubled our original collection of some 3000 video titles.  We are experiencing growing pains in the form of some very tight space.  To free up space for our growing collection we are in the process of shifting titles and re-labeling shelves.  We should be done by end of summer.  If you come by Media Collections this summer, you may notice some temporary shelf signs as well as signs of heavy movement and some construction.  Be not alarmed.  By the fall we will be well organized and prettied up.  Its only going to get better.

The Initiation of Media Collection’s Memorials for 2008

The date was early in October in the year of 2008. As the change of guard occurred, an exciting announcement was made by the Media Collection’s own bugle blower, Jared A. Seay. The news announced was that  no longer would the Media Collection’s peasant workforce be forced to use the hardly-functional neanderthal office tools.  The disabled tape dispenser was replaced by the “Jared A. Seay-certified” Stephen Richard Werdann Memorial Tape Dispenser. The position of the old-fashioned manpowered pencil shaver was filled by a innovative, high-tech Brandon L. Hare Memorial Pencil Sharpener. At first glance, the simpleton Media folk were astonished and partially confused. Since the initiations of the specialized tools for Media Collections management: efficiency is up, the economy is doing better, the unemployment rate of Civil War reenactment actors is down and every Friday is now Hawaiian t-shirt Friday.