San Diego French-American School: Seeking Director of Marketing and Communications

With Who:  San Diego French-American School

Location:  La Jolla, CA

Type of Employment:  Full-Time

Position Description:  An industry expert in branding, marketing, digital marketing, social media, website presence, community outreach and communications (internal and external), the School’s first-ever Director of Marketing and Communications (DMC) advances the School’s mission, vision, values, programs, brand, and reputation as a leading independent international school offering an exceptional bilingual program. A member of the Senior Leadership Team reporting directly to the Head of School and participating in Board committees as assigned, the DMC leads the School’s effort to develop and implement highly effective branding, marketing and communications strategies. In support of that effort, the DMC brings considerable prior experience and expertise, innovative methods, cutting-edge tools, industry best practices, and awareness of emerging trends and approaches. Strategic objectives articulated to date by the School include building an ever greater sense of closeness, connectedness and community among SDFAS families (and alumni) and between families and the School; increasing buy-in and alignment of the faculty and staff as well-informed supporters of the School’s marketing and communications objectives; augmenting interest in the School from prospective and current families that translates into increased enrollment and retention; mobilizing and deploying a high-functioning group of parent association volunteers; and supporting the School’s ongoing development (fundraising) efforts. For further detail, refer to the expanded job description.

Position Requirements:  

  • Diploma(s). Minimum of a B.A., Master’s degree preferred in Marketing/Communications or related field
  • Language expertise. Superior level of English speaking and writing, editing and proofreading skills; bilingual French or second-language French proficiency is an asset though not required; also a “plus” though not required:  proficiency of any kind in other languages or life experiences abroad or outside the region of one’s upbringing
  • Significant prior experience. Branding, marketing and communications; digital marketing and social media platforms; website design, construction and maintenance; strategic thinking and project management; successful management of team members; demonstrated skillset collaborating with other department leaders and across the institution’s different constituencies
  • Presence (on-site/remote). Hybrid on-campus/off-campus OR all on-campus position; requires on-campus presence as well as highest performance standard and professionalism when working remotely (if/as permitted by the Head of School)
  • Eligibility. Clean background check; proof of negative TB; regular Covid-19 testing; ability to lift and carry up to 35lbs

Key Skills Sets & Competencies:  

  • Professional leadership. Proven team leader; high level of independent decision-making; vision, decisiveness and good judgment; proactive leader and learner; clear thinker and communicator; outstanding organizational and managerial skills; standout task prioritization and time management skills; ability to balance multiple high-pressure time-sensitive projects simultaneously; exceptional attention to detail; solution-orientation and customer service focus through and through; accountable to self and others; poised, discreet and trustworthy.
  • Social-emotional. Superior interpersonal and social-emotional skills, including self-awareness and self-care, grit, a growth mindset and a sense of humor, stress management, and perspective-taking when under pressure; ability to work effectively with both children and adults; ability to cultivate meaningful positive working relationships with administrators, faculty, staff, parents, students, board members, school and community organizations, and the general public.
  • Cultural. Knowledge, experience and demonstrated ability to relate to and connect with people of diverse backgrounds, upbringings and life experiences, including people from groups considered as “minority” in some way.
  • Written and verbal. Superior, refined and culturally savvy graduate-level written and verbal expression in English is a fundamental and absolute requirement for this position; bilingual or second-language French is an advantage but not required. Additional languages, mother tongue or acquired, are also a plus for this position.
  • Technology and computing. Excellent technology and computing skill sets including high-level proficiency with collaborative cloud computing (e.g. Google Suite for Education), platforms commonly used by not-for-profit organizations; industry standard and emergent platforms relevant to branding/marketing and communications; motivation and ability to learn additional tools or platforms or deepen skills; and a working knowledge of web development languages, content management systems, student information systems, browsers and other emerging web technologies.
  • Fit. Strong commitment to independent school education with a particular enthusiasm for bilingual/international education; prior experience in an international or French-American school setting preferred but not required; demonstrated understanding of and alignment with SDFAS mission and values is a must.

Apply (or request more information):  See the full job posting on theCofC Alumni Career Center site!

About Megan Gould

Ms. Gould is the Coordinator for Events, Outreach, and Public Relations for the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston.

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