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With Who Versiti

LocationMilwaukee, WI

Type of Employment:  Full-Time

Position DescriptionUnder the direction of the EVP, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Versiti Business Development and Marketing, and in collaboration with Versiti Executive leaders, directs Versiti corporate communications and public relations to sustain Versiti’s mission, vision and strategic objectives for all affiliates, Beacon Biologics, Cenetron, & Salus IRB.    In partnership with the CMO, sets overall strategic direction for internal and external communications. Provides input for brand communications and social media strategy to Versiti Corporate Marketing Director.

Is responsible for assessing, developing, and implementing strategic and tactical plans to increase public awareness of the Versiti value proposition and new services, and partnerships, to generate growth in our service areas and philanthropic gifts. Drive public relations strategy to strengthen Versiti’s recognition as a leader in blood health innovation and as a leader amongst blood providers across the U.S.

Is accountable for relationship management with the media and generating news coverage, and for planning, negotiation, and execution of external public relations communications on behalf of Versiti as well as organizational internal communications.  Develops and organizes all aspects of advocacy, mobilizing community and government leaders to action towards the growth and sustainability of our mission.

Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • External Communications
    • Works with Director, Corporate Marketing, to ensure effective internal and external brand communications that deliver a consistent look and feel within the context of strategic positioning and identity standards; communication frequently involves effectively positioning key organizational strategic initiatives central to organizational success.
    • Prepares external communications including press releases, social media messages, and other media-related materials in line with strategic positioning messaging; works with Brand leader to leverage social media for both business and consumer markets.
    • Leads communication strategy for crisis/business resumption management.
    • Prepares speeches for the President/CEO, and on occasion for Versiti board members and key executives, as representatives of Versiti.
    • Represents Versiti as speaker at a variety of events.
    • Serves as internal consultant to Versiti management and staff for public relations/communications strategies and skills including engagement with the media.
    • Manages external media events of community interest, e.g. annual meeting.
  • Internal Communications
    • In partnership with internal constituents including HR, Marketing and senior leaders, develops and implements internal communications strategy via newsletters, digital boards, intranet, and senior leader townhalls.
    • Partners with Human Resources as needed to effectively communicate organizational policy and initiatives.
    • Prepares organizational internal communications including publications, CEO to employee communications, internal event communication, etc.
  • Media Relationship Management
    • Advises the President/CEO and all other senior executives on strategies for responding to the news media on sensitive and controversial issues, Versiti and industry issues of interest to the media.
    • At the CEO’s or CMO’s discretion, serves as spokesperson for Versiti during media coverage, news conferences, etc.; provides key message platforms and coaches other designated spokespeople on appropriate responses.
    • Develops and implements local market and headquarters media relations guidelines and training.
    • Maintains and expands strong positive relationships with news and specialized media in all Versiti local and national markets to initiate reaching targeted audiences and general public, increasing Versiti’s awareness, growth, positive community image, and philanthropic potential.
    • Initiates projects to generate publication, appearances for special guests on radio/television, editorial board meetings, etc.
    • Prepares monthly success metrics and reports regarding media coverage and public relations initiatives.
  • Advocacy
    • Develop and organize all aspects of advocacy and advocate mobilization efforts related to Versiti’s mission
    • Implements advocacy and community relations strategy, incorporating key community leaders, sponsoring organizations, and/or affiliated institutions (e.g. Medical College) to actively support the Versiti mission, to assure Versiti’s place as a vital part of our community and to advance Versiti philanthropically.
    • Supports engagement in action with leading, visible community organizations in Versiti’s footprint, to include corporate, civic, government, political, and religious organizations that will champion donorship at Versiti as a primary community cause.
  • Planning
    • Contributes to strategic planning for the organization.
    • Participates in strategic planning process for Versiti Business Development & Marketing.
    • In partnership with the CMO and Versiti Corporate Marketing Director sets overall strategic direction for Versiti internal and external communications, including brand communications and social media strategy.
    • Develops and communicates public relations/communication/community relations plans that are aligned with strategic direction and quality initiatives. Plans are developed through comprehensive and accurate needs assessment that includes input from and is responsive to key stakeholders.
  • People Leadership
    • Accountable for leadership of direct reports include hiring, training, coaching, performance evaluation, discipline and termination, when applicable, in collaboration with Human Resources and in compliance with administrative policy.
  • Financial Management
    • Co-leads the development of the overall Versiti PR/ Marketing budget with the Director, Corporate Marketing.
    • Develops and manages the public relations/communications budget, including publications, consultants, sponsorships, media training and news releases, research related to external image, annual report and meeting.
    • Puts systems in place to measure financial outcomes; monitors success of plans and takes appropriate action to maximize return on investment.
  • Customer Service
    • Supports and demonstrates customer service commitment to internal and external customers guided by the Versiti’s vision, mission and values.
    • Negotiates and effectively manages vendor and consultant relationships to achieve high quality output in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Project Management
    • Leads and/or serves on cross-functional teams focused on communications and strategic positioning.
    • Uses project management skills to partner with key stakeholders to identify options, recommend and implement organizational change initiatives.
    • Works successfully with stakeholders, using effective leadership and interpersonal skills to create enthusiasm for the vision and gain their advocacy in support of organizational changes.
    • Is vigilant and cognizant of obstacles to successful plan implementation, assuring they are addressed.

General Duties:

  • Coordinates and implements special projects as assigned within specified timeframes.
  • Represents Versiti and department at designated meetings.
  • Maintains required records, reports, and files as pertains to areas of responsibility.
  • Participates in professional activities to keep up to date on relevant developments in the field.


  • Education
    •  Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field required. Advanced business degree preferred (or related business experience).
  • Experience
    • Minimum of 10 years’ broad public relations experience inclusive of community relations, crisis management and communication of key organizational strategic initiatives.
    • Demonstrated success in public, community and media relations, preferably in the Midwest area and/or National Health Care.
    • Experience in project management of complex cross-functional initiatives.
    • Local contacts across our geographic footprint preferred.
  • Skills and Knowledge
    • Expertise in strategy development to meet growth goals and increase awareness of Versiti to target markets.
    • Demonstrated ability to be proactive and creative in developing innovative public relations approaches to current and emerging challenges, while considering strategic implications.
    • Ability to develop public relations strategies with minimal lead time in a fast-paced, changing environment and industry.
    • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple priorities and meet deadlines in a team environment.
    • Demonstrated complex problem-solving skills.
    • Proven skills in media relationship management and crisis response management.
    • Ability to positively represent Versiti to the public in a professional, articulate manner under any and all circumstances.
    • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills, including negotiation and conflict management.
    • Ability to advocate with the senior leadership of community organizations and government leaders resulting in growth of our mission.
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication including skill in public speaking and editing/speech writing.
    • Solid computer skills, including desktop publishing, graphics, and database management.

Apply (or request more information):  See the job posting, or request more information, on the Versiti Employment site.

About Megan Gould

Ms. Gould is the Coordinator for Events, Outreach, and Public Relations for the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston.

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