Things to Do in the Lowcountry this Fall


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Whether you’ve lived here forever or you just moved down, locals agree that there’s a little bit of magic in the air from September-November. It’s also the perfect time to schedule a campus visit, especially if you’re thinking of enrolling in the graduate program at the University of Charleston, South Carolina at the College of Charleston. It’s a great time to explore the city and truly experience all the opportunities available to a UCSC grad student.

Outdoor Enthusiast Paradise-Even though Summer is officially over, warm weather hasn’t left the Lowcountry! Our temperatures remain comfortable and the sun continues to shine during the fall months. Activities like hiking, hunting and kayaking can be done without the fear of heat stroke due to the lack of humidity. There are multiple races to either participate or be a sideline cheerleader in, like the Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon or the Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble. Also, many different shellfish and mollusks are back in season, meaning you can catch your own crabs right off the docks or dig your own oysters out of the marshes behind your house.

Festivals Galore-In Charleston, the coming of fall signals the beginning of festival season! There’s the annual Harvest Festival  hosted by the Charleston County parks and recreation commission, the MOJA Arts Festival which celebrates African-American and Caribbean culture,  the Biggin’ Swamp Bluegrass Festival celebrating all things bluegrass, and the Butts and Wings SCBA BBQ Fest,  and the Taste of Charleston.  There are oyster roasts, crab boils, and celebrations of the Lowcountry’s best wine and craft brews.

Ghost Tours-If you’re interested in something frightening, look no further than historic Charleston ghost tours! Charleston was home to various significant events throughout history making it THE place to be for ghost tours. There are multiple tours available from the historical to the heinous. You can tour through Charleston’s oldest and most haunted graveyard or take a walk through the haunted jail . There is something for every fright level, including family-friendly events.


Fall has officially arrived in the Lowcountry and while it’s true that we may not have leaves that burst into golds, oranges and reds from September through November, the season is exceptional in it’s own right. So come on down, we can’t wait to show you how the Lowcountry does Fall.



Photo courtesy of Melanie Snipes

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