Here are the students who have collaborated with me in my lab.

Mariana Glenn-Toland is a student in the Honors College at the College of Charleston. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Crime, Law, & Society. Mariana is currently working on a Bachelor’s Essay investigating bias in the workplace. During her time at the College of Charleston Mariana has presented posters on News Media Bias at the 2019 SEPA Conference and Play Therapy for At Risk Youth at the 2019 Lowcountry Citizens’ Summit. On campus, she is involved with Students 4 Support, Mental Health In Melanin, and Student Ambassadors. In the Charleston community, she has served as an intern for the National Crime Victim Center and currently serves as an intern for Fresh Start Visions. Mariana aspires to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology and become board certified in forensic psychology.


Ashley Lane graduated from Honors College at the College of Charleston in the Spring of 2020. She majored in Psychology and minored in Spanish. Ashley worked on two projects in the lab. First, she was part of a team that examined the long-term consequences of flashbulb memories. She also completed a Bachelor’s Essay that explored bias in the workplace. Outside of the lab, Ashley served as a Charleston 40 tour guide, and philanthropy chairwoman of Phi Mu. Ashley has traveled extensively in Spain and South East Asia, and was selected as a Fulbright Scholar.  Ashley  presented some of her research at SARD. She is now pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy.


Emma Schultz graduated from the College of Charleston in December 2019, and worked on two projects as an undergraduate. She participated in a project that examined flashbulb memories for a medical diagnosis, and then focused on understanding factors that limit employment for people with autism. She also served as a Teaching Fellow for Honors Intro Psychology in Fall 2019. Emma’s broader interests lie in kinesiology, forensics, and disability. Outside of the lab, Emma works for the College of Charleston REACH program. Check out the poster she presented at SARD. Emma is now completing her Master’s thesis at Mississippi State University.


Sarah Kingsley graduated with a B.S. in psychology in the Spring of 2020. She assisted with multiple projects in Dr. May’s lab, including a project examining neurodiversity in the workplace and a study on flashbulb memories. Outside of the lab, Sarah traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam. Sarah’s primary goal is to develop ways to provide effective support for people with disabilities. As a person with ADHD, Sarah understands some of the challenges associated with learning differences, and hopes to support positive outcomes for others. Sarah co-authored a research presentation at SARD.

Anthony Dein earned his B.S. in Psychology in 2019. Dein began working on a project aimed at understanding the conditions under which humans are curious. He then completed his Bachelor’s Essay on a project examining the long-term consequences of flashbulb memories.

Anthony presented his research at the North Carolina Cognition Conference, and his poster won third place!  He also gave a talk about his Bachelor’s Essay research at SARD. After graduation Anthony presented his work at  SARMAC.  He co-authored a manuscript that was published in Applied Cognitive Psychology in the
summer of 2020. After graduation, he hopes to earn a law degree.



Celia Whisman graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and was accepted into a graduate program at Applachian State University. Her work at CofC focused on neurodiversity in the workplace. Celia presented a poster at the 2019 North Carolina Cognition conference, and presented her Bachelor’s Essay research project at SARD.





Holly Fleiscmann graduated in 2019, after majoring in psychology and minoring in crime, law, and society. Her work in Dr. May’s lab was focused primarily on our flashbulb memory project, but she has also assisted with projects on curiosity and neurodiversity. In addition to her work in Dr. May’s lab, Holly also completed a research project through the Bremen, Germany Independent Study program at the College of Charleston. Check out the poster she presented at SARD. Outside of the lab, she served as an intern for a forensic psychiatrist at MUSC, and enjoys traveling to exotic new places. Her favorite stops thus far include Europe, SE Asia, Australia, and Africa. Holly is back in the states, and was recently accepted to a clinical PhD program at the University of Georgia.

Juliana Wallace earned a B.S. in psychology with a minor in neuroscience. She graduated fromthe Honors College in 2018, and then worked in a neurobehavioral clinic, assisting with assessments, therapy, and behavior modification techniques. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in I/O psychology.

As an undergraduate, Juliana worked on several projects, including a study understanding prospective memory processes in younger and older adults.  That work was supported by a MAYS grant from URCA at the College of Charleston.

Juliana also completed an intensive exploration of mindfulness on stress and anxiety, as well as a study exploring curiosity over the lifespan. Juliana received an additional MAYS grant to support that work. Outside the lab, Juliana served on the Honors Student Association, worked as a volunteer photographer for Pet Helpers, and was selected for the MedEx program through the Greenville Health System.

Sierra Debrow earned a B.S. in psychology with a minor in English. She graduated from the Honors College in 2017 and is now an Education Fellow at the Institute of Southern Life.  Her research at the College was aimed at developing a measure of implicit bias towards people with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, and she used that measure to evaluate the impact of media exposure on disability bias in young adults. She presented that work at the Carolinas Psychology Conference.

While at CofC, Sierra was also the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Jewish Student Union, a staff writer for The Rival, and a Resident Assistant. She also  completed an intern at the Lowcountry Autism Foundation at the Medical University of South Carolina.  After graduation, Sierra worked as an Education Fellow at the Institute of Southern Life and is now applying to graduate programs in social work.


Erica Horack completed her B.S. in psychology in 2017. As an undergraduate, Erica completed a study in the animal behavior lab using operant APA renewal with Dr. John Widholm, as well as a study in curiosity and aging with me. She also interned at the National Crime and Victims Center at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is currently working as a data analyst and plans to attend graduate school in I/O psychology.





Alice Blake earned a B.S. degree in Psychology, with a minor in History. She graduated from the Honors College at College of Charleston in May of 2016. During her undergraduate years, Alice was involved in several different labs and worked with me to research emotion and memory for her Independent Study and Bachelor’s Essay. In the Fall of 2015 she was awarded a MAYS grant for her research.  While at the College, Alice also interned at Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center. Alice was accepted into the graduate program at UNC and is working towards her MSW.



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Rebecca Sydow earned B.A. degrees in both history and psychology,and graduated in December of 2015.  Rebecca was a student in the Honors College at the College of Charleston, and she worked with me on a collaborative Teaching Mentorship.  As part of that mentorship, she researched and applied cognitive principles to her teaching methods.  She is now earning her Masters in Teaching at the University of South Carolina.  After completing her studies, she hopes to teach the social sciences at the secondary level.