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Congrats to Math/Stat Students in Poster Session

The recent EXPO of student research featured three students from our department. Lane Ellisor won a prize for his poster on “The effects of damping on rogue wave formation and permanent downshifting.” Briana Brunson is earning a master’s degree in mathematical sciences from our graduate program and gave a presentation based on her thesis analyzing […]

Graduate Funding Still Available

The Mathematical Sciences Graduate Program at the College of Charleston offers master’s degrees in mathematics and statistics (as well as certificates in statistics and operations research).   Even though our application deadline has officially passed, we are still accepting new students with financial support.   Let me tell you a bit more about us: Our program is very good […]

A Talk Celebrating the Number π

My Favorite Thing(s) About π A fun talk for π-Day(+1) by Professor Alex Kasman Tuesday March 15, 2022 from 1-2PM in 223 Maybank Hall. The presentation will be understood and enjoyed by anyone who has ever heard of the number π≈3.14.  A pie-based snack and free math department gifts will also be available. With questions or […]

Southeastern Lie Theory Conference Hosted at CofC

The College of Charleston Mathematics Department is hosting the Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop XII from October 15-17, 2021. Lie Theory is named after mathematician Sophus Lie (pronounced like “Lee”) and is an area of abstract algebra with important applications in physics, mathematics, and beyond.  This conference brings many experts on this topic to Charleston for […]

CofC alum and UW Math graduate student John Cobb and artist Abra Schlub win Delta Beer Lab design contest

Catalysts for Science Policy collaborated with a Madison, Wisconsin brewery, Delta Beer Lab, to feature art inspired by active research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on their 2021 spring New England IPA label. CofC math alumnus John Cobb, currently a graduate student in mathematics at UW-Madison, and artist Abra Schlub collaborated to create the winning […]

Honors College Students Explore Math Concepts Through an Artistic Lens

Most Honors College classes are designed to be interdisciplinary, with wide-ranging ideas and concepts mingling together in the classroom. This type of educational approach can at times make for some unexpected assignments. For instance, a math class probably isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a treasure trove of student artwork. But for Dr. […]

2021 Harrison Randolph calculus exam

The Harrison Randolph calculus exam is a written test of challenging problems using material covered in Math 120. The student who performs the best will be given the Harrison Randolph Calculus Award at the Honor Ceremony in May and receive a check for $100. Every CofC student is eligible to take it once in their career, […]