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CofC alum and UW Math graduate student John Cobb and artist Abra Schlub win Delta Beer Lab design contest

Catalysts for Science Policy collaborated with a Madison, Wisconsin brewery, Delta Beer Lab, to feature art inspired by active research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on their 2021 spring New England IPA label. CofC math alumnus John Cobb, currently a graduate student in mathematics at UW-Madison, and artist Abra Schlub collaborated to create the winning label, melding art and algebraic geometry.  Congratulations, John and Abra!

Their submission notes, “Born out of collaboration between artist and mathematician, this gallery showcases mathematical concepts you might see if you pursue research in algebraic geometry. Algebraic geometry is a highly active and central field in mathematics which relates questions about polynomials with questions about shapes. Besides conceptually unifying seemingly disparate areas of math, algebraic geometry has direct applications in robotics, genetics, and string theory. It is our hope that our design communicates a shared sense of creativity and passion between art and mathematics.”

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