Courses – Spring 2020

CITA/CSCI 180 – Computers, Music and Art

A course introducing the creative side of computing in the context of music, sounds, images, and other digital artifacts. Emphasis will be given to computer programming for music making, live performance, and interaction. Students will develop several digital artifacts and elementary musical compositions. For more information, see class webpage.

CSCI 299/399/499/690 – Computer Music and Interaction Research

This course focuses on selected topics in the intersection of computer science and acoustics, music, sound, interaction, and avant garde forms of music composition and performance, as well as music technology. Research topics include data sonification and interaction design, spatial audio and virtual/augmented reality, music performance and digital musical instruments, interfaces for musical expression, including sensors and hardware, interactive audio and game audio, and telematic performance, among others.  For more information, see the Acoustics and Music Lab webpage.

Also see academic calendar and final exam schedule (Spring 2020).


Teaching Philosophy

Here is my teaching philosophy as a separate page (due to its length).  It captures my thoughts / beliefs on what makes one an effective teacher (as well as an effective student, as good teaching does not happen in isolation—it requires engaged, inquisitive students).

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