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Friday Fossil Feature – Thinking of a Good Walrus Pun is No Easy Tusk…

by Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) and Robert Boessenecker (@CoastalPaleo) Happy Fossil Friday! Did you know that walruses used to live in the Southeastern US? From about 4 million years ago to as recently as 300,000 years ago these tusked behemoths were

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Friday Fossil Feature – An investi-Gator of the Oligocene of South Carolina

by Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday! This week we take a look at Gavialosuchus americanus. Gavialosuchus americanus wasn’t actually an alligator; rather, they were more closely related to today’s gharials and crocodiles. Crocodile puns, however, don’t seem to have

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