Lowcountry Science and Engineering Fair Judges Registration

Welcome to the judging panel for the 2020 Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair (LRSEF) on March 19th, 2020! We appreciate your time and effort in being a judge for the LRSEF, 2020. Please register in your area of expertise.

20 thoughts on “Lowcountry Science and Engineering Fair Judges Registration

  1. I am currently serving as the Chief Engineer for one of the programs at SPAWAR SSC Atlantic.

  2. Biological Sciences

    Also, we would (once again) like to sponsor and help judge for Medical University of South Carolina Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Award for Excellence in Biomedical/Biological Science Research (To be awarded to a grade 11/12 high school student).

  3. Thank you very much! Please let me know the formalities to be completed for the MSTP sponsorship.

  4. We traditionally brought a certificate and a ~ $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble on the day of the science fair. So nothing to worry about on your part! Thank you.

  5. I would like to sign up to be a judge for the Engineering & Science group. I work for SPAWAR as an Integration systems engineer

  6. I would love to help judge in the areas of social sciences – particularly sociology and criminology / criminal justice.
    Patty O’Donnell, PhD
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Charleston Southern University

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