Congratulations 2022 LRSEF Winners!!

The 2022 Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held Friday (March 25) at the College Center in the Trident Tech campus. Despite the Covid-related concerns, there was a total of 37 students participated to exhibit and present their magnificent projects in science, engineering and math. Congratulations to all our winners, this list of which can be accessed at

The top winners this year included:

Audrey Brown from Lowcountry Leadership Charter School won the award for Junior 1 Division (5th  and 6th grades) for her project titled “Relationship between Hand, Foot, & Eye Dominance”. She seeks to determine what type of correlation exists between a person’s dominant hand, eye, and foot under the supervision of Ms, June Lowry.

Iris Coles under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Neubauer at the Georgetown School of Arts & Sciences won the award for Junior 2 Division (7th  and 8th grades). Her project titled ” Do Cheap Tennis Rackets Work As Well As Expensive Tennis Rackets” was to test the bounce height on a cheap tennis racket and on an expensive racket.

In Senior 1 Division (9th and 10th grades). Michael Rosol at the Academy for the Arts, Science & Technology presented his study titled as “The Use of Electrospun Piezoelectric Nanofibers to Harvest Acoustic Energy into Electrical Energy” under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Uhrain. His project aims on converting acoustic energy into everyday electrical power. This can be done through electrospun materials such as PVDF and Nylon-11 which have the ability to produce electrical current due to their piezoelectric properties.

The winner for Senior 2 Division (11th and 12th grades) was Angela Mei at the Academic Magnet High school, who has done her research under the MUSC Professor Hai Yao, and supervised by her teacher Katy Metzner-Roop.  She won the award for her spectacular study on the “MoJoint: A Motion Visualization and Kinematic Analysis Software for the Musculoskeletal System”. She developed a software (MoJoint) that reads the geometry files generated from medical imaging and the motion data from a marker-based motion tracking system and integrates them to calculate the joint motion.

Among the prestigious Special Awards, Angela Mei won the REGENERON Biomedical Science Award, Nolan Cheek secured the RICOH and CSWCD Awards, and Michael Rosol was selected for the Yale Award for an outstanding Science/Engineering Project. While Annika Villafranca won the APS Award, Samantha Freeman was chosen for the Women Geoscientists Award, Jeremiah Benton for the US Air Force Award, and Samuel Hall for the USMA Award.

The overall winner at the Senior Divisions,  Angela Mei, will travel to Atlanta, GA to present their projects at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in May 2022.

Thank you to all students, teachers, parents and judges for being a part of this exciting event, to encourage STEM minds!

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