2019 Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be held on April 09, 2019!

The 2019 LRSEF will be held in the College Center at trident Technical College on April 09, 2019. Please visit our website at lhsm.cofc.edu for more details.

33 thoughts on “2019 Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be held on April 09, 2019!

  1. I am willing to judge finals or be a category judge for Biological Sciences or Psychology/Behavioral Sciences

  2. Great! Thank you very much. Look forward to meeting with you in April. What grade level would you like to judge?

  3. I am willing to judge projects in the behavioral sciences (anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc.). Dr. Charles Smedley, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC 29423


  4. I would be happy to help judge. My background is chemical engineering & environmental engineering, and would be happy to help with any projects related to those fields (chemistry, biology, environmental science, etc.).

    Also, last year I selected a couple of water-related projects for awards from the American Water Works Association. AWWA intends to make those awards again this year. Please let me know if you need any information on those awards.

    Nate Medford
    Plant Engineer
    Charleston Water System

  5. If you still need me I am happy to judge 5th-8th grade in any of the physical or environmental sciences.
    Robin Berlinsky
    School of Education Health and Human Performance
    Executive Director of Engaging Creative Minds

  6. Thank you very much! Yes, it would be great if you could be a judge this year as well. We look forward to having you in April.

  7. I am available to judge technology and engineering projects. I have a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and taught Project Lead the Way pre-engineering curriculum in high school for 5 years. Also certified for middle school science.
    Dr. Barbara Leonard

  8. Background: Materials Science, Engineering, Aerospace. Willing to judge any grade level

  9. Hi. I can help judge if still needed. I’m not sure what all the categories are but my background is in Engineering, IT, and cyber security. I’ve judged and mentored at competitions before. I don’t have a preference for the grade – wherever needed.

  10. Sorry I did not say but I am best qualified to judge medical and biological things, any age group.
    Gloria Huff MSN RN-BC
    Asst Director of Nursing
    ECPI School of Nursing

  11. Kaity Miller, Nikki Nickels & Tony Louderback; all of ECPI are judging Electronic Career Portfolio, Digital Video on Friday March 22, 8a-11p

  12. Hi, I am willing to be a judge in the category of biological sciences.

    Dr. Jenica D. Hemingway, DC
    Department of Biology
    ECPI University
    Grades 5-8

  13. Thank you for contacting. May I know if you are interested in judging the Lowcountry Science Fair projects on April 9th at Trident Tech Facility?

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