Charleston Darwin Week | February 7-12, 2015

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Join the College of Charleston again this year as we celebrate Charles Darwin and his research in evolution. Activities for the week are listed below. In addition, for the second year, we will have our celebration of evolutionary science for children and youth – Piccolo Darwin Week ( There are still some spots open so register soon.

Consider the Lilies… and the Finches
Rev. Rutledge, from the Circular Congregational Church, will reflect on how Darwin’s discoveries have opened up new ways of thinking about ourselves, our lives, our ethics and spirituality. Our understanding of cosmic and natural evolution may help us move beyond the narrow confines of anthropocentrism to a richer, fuller view of life.

Teaching the Controversy? A Conversation on Science Education and Religious Conviction
From the fall of 2013 through most of 2014, the agencies responsible for developing the science curriculum of South Carolina were deadlocked over High School Standard H.B.5, Biological Evolution. Do controversies of this sort originate from a legitimate scientific challenge to modern evolutionary theory? Or do they arise from political ideologies or competing religious convictions? And what place should “teaching the controversy” have in the public school science curriculum? Join representatives of the religious and educational communities for a public conversation exploring these questions.

Stem_partner_logo_webAnd so many more events throughout the week…for dates and times, visit the Darwin Week website at:

All part of the 2015 Charleston STEM Festival!

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