Black Hole App for Students and Educators

Ever wondered what would happen if an astronaut fell into a black hole? Ever wondered what would happen if YOU fell into a black hole?

Now you can find out…College of Charleston Physics and Astronomy faculty member, Chris Fragile, and his team of dedicated students just recently published an educational app focused on understanding black holes. This app not only has interesting and exciting black hole content, but also has lesson plans and experiment ideas for teachers to use in the K-12 classroom.

And its totally free! Check it out at

Opening screen of Journey to a black hole app

STEM + Arts Summer Institute

This Summer, the Lowcountry Hall, along with science and math faculty at the College of Charleston, developed content for Engaging Creative Minds STEAM (STEM + Arts) Summer Institute. The Institute has been a huge success, involving students from across the lowcountry in learning STEM concepts integrated within the arts. The Lowcountry Hall and School of Science and Math faculty worked directly with the lead teachers and the artists to integrate the varied disciplines. It has been an exciting and creative summer working with educators, musicians, visual artists, storytellers, theatre groups, etc. Read more about our adventures on the Post and Courier website at
Students integrating science concepts through dance