Charleston Piccolo Darwin Week | February 8-13


Our first-ever celebration of evolutionary science for children and youth!
Admission to all events free, but most require reservations. Check out Piccolo Darwin 2014 for more information.

The Universe Verse – Grades 7-12
From the Big Bang to the scientific method, Jamie Dunbar explains the origins of the universe, life on Earth and the human race in The Universe Verse, a series of scientifically accurate, rhyming comic books.

Animal Attraction – Grades 7-12
What do females want? And just how far are males willing to go to win a mate and pass on their genes? You’d be surprised at what animals do for love! International wildlife photographer Scott Snider will present a fun and fascinating look at courtship in the animal kingdom.

Your Most Ancient Relatives: Chemosynthetic Bacteria? – Grades 7-12
In 1977, scientists diving in the submersible Alvin made a stunning discovery on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean: vents pouring incredibly hot, mineral-rich, acidic fluids from beneath the seafloor, inhabited by previously unknown organisms thriving on “toxic” compounds in the absence of sunlight. Marine geologist Dr. Leslie Sautter and marine biologist Dr. Craig Plante will present awe-inspiring video of the one-mile deep hydrothermal vent ecosystem found on Axial Seamount.

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