Final Project: Key Deadlines

Week 3:

  • Informal Text Selection and Rationale

Week 8:

  • Draft: Formal Text Selection and Rationale

Week 10:

  • Final Formal Text Selection and Rationale

Week 11: 

  • Wednesday, 3/23: Draft (hard copy) of Title, intro moves, and “dueling” thesis statements
  • Friday, 3/25: Annotated Bibliography due in Oaks by 5 pm

Week 12

  • Monday 3/28: Proposal: post to blog by start of class
  • Wednesday 3/30: Draft: CVC (2 hard copies) for peer review
  • Friday, April 1: CVC Final in OAKS by 8pm

Week 13

  • Tuesday 4/5 by 8pm in OAKS: Complete Draft of Final Project: This is your CVC revised plus the Close-Reading Capstone and Conclusion (one-on-one conferences will be held later this week).

Week 14: 

  • Monday, 4/11: two hard copies of revised Final Project in class for peer review

Week 15

  • Final presentations Monday of this week.
  • Thursday, 4/21 by midnight: Final Project due in OAKS

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