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In my ripe old age, after 2.5 completed years of college, I found myself at first too stubborn for this course. One accumulates many research papers over the course of several semesters, however as others have expressed I do wish I had taken 299 at the beginning of my sophomore year. While I had a […]

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Nora Obeid Prof VZ English 299 23 March 2016 LA Sunsets in European Skies: Drive And Nicolas Winding’s Critical Roads Nicolas Winding 2011 film Drive is both a genre study for the viewer and the director himself. The film’s trailers upon its release, filled with guns, LA city lights, and romantic kisses may deceive the […]

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Turning the Graphic Surreal

Nightfall, in “Saturday” was a particularly terrifying section. This was the three page sequence of the rape of Rafaela. Though graphic descriptions of rape, let alone sex, can isolate readers, the language in this section turned something we are all to familiar with in to a climactic terror sequence. The description of the rape itself […]

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Get clean, Buzzworm

I’m starting to think of the voice in each characters’ section as a reflection of their mental state. And if this is the case, I think Bobby and Buzzworm are both portrayed as some sort of under the influence. More concretely we know some of Bobby’s vices: cigarettes, pornos, and most significantly, his daughter who […]

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Nice guys never win (pages in history books)

The working question on page 264 in the Agency chapter really got me thinking. It basically asks about how our view of George Washington as americans differs from how, say, the brits would view him, pointing out that while he stands as a symbol of patriotism, and a noble war hero for us, the brits […]

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It feels like aesthetics philosophy all over again.

At first, I found the assigned readings for today frustrating- turned existential crisis inducing (at best). Let me explain: I saw three chapters all leading up to the resounding ‘well anything can mean anything’ because everything is ‘subjective’. Sure the chapters dance around it but it all seems centric to a broad notion of: why do we […]

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