Blog 8: Reflection

This semester has been quite interesting. I was introduced to writing my own critique on novels and movies. I normally would just see other articles and papers in my every day life without really thinking about all of the details and critical thinking that goes into the finished product. I think this will help me in my future english classes as I advance to the 300 levels when more assignments require me to use these skills. I also learned how to use the library’s resources to aid me in my research. Specifically the database module (which I never used before this class at the college). I found new ways to search for topics by rephrasing and adding key words to find what I need.

Concepts such as globalization etc. have become more clear to me (in a sense that it is identified with a label instead of just the idea). My critical reading skills have become stronger because I would then look for concepts in books in reference to the plot for narratives. For example, Tropical Orange and the universalism and globalization concept being explored. In other books I may read in my upper level classes I would then be able to revisit the idea and quickly identify with the terms and the narrative .


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