Blog 8: my time in two ninety nine

I sure do wish I’d taken 299 Sophomore year instead than at the end of my English requirements–that would have been a savvyer way to go. One of the main things I took from this class was a feeling of process. It was nice to go slo mo though the researching process.  I tend to cram research in at the final moments, digging myself into a hole of sorts, confining my conversation to a set of not-so-diverse sources. This time around, I went through multiple stages of research that I think was able to enrich my final project.  I learned that allowing a lot of time for research, the paper inevitably more complex and interesting.  And spending more time on research, I found myself able to compose the final essay pretty vast.  Being comfortable with your critical course selection really helps to keep the essay tight, logical, focused. Just working specifically on different parts of an essay in different segments proved helpful in understanding how to compose essays efficiently.

All in all i enjoyed the class atmosphere. As we started discussing each others projects, the class discussions often became funny and interesting. Moving forward in my english career, i’ve more or less decided on moving into creative writing.





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