Professor Seaman’s and Bruns’ Presentations

Professor Seaman engaged us by summarizing her paper linked in the schedule as well as explaining how her general field of literature brought her to her consensus about “post-humanism,” in which the notions that humans are the most interesting and subject are displaced, and how this idea of post-humanism compares to the pre-humanist medieval times. She reasons that much like we learn now about subject such as science, wherein we have faith in our teachers and experimenters, the people in past eras had faith in their religion because of the “allies” who endorse and teach it. During her presentation, Professor Seaman explains the controversy of her topic and the tensions between those mentioned in her paper over theoretical ideas regarding the post-human and the lens through which we should look at older texts and people.

Professor Bruns went in a different direction, giving a general overview of his field of expertise rather than briefing us on his paper, Teaching¬†Inception. In another text he is working, Bruns focuses largely on the objects and places involved in films that engage and affect the characters included, namely in Hitchcock films. He plans, through extensive analysis, to bring together the people, places, and things involved in a film to cohesiveness in total, and uncover the relationships these different subjects have with one another. In regards to English Studies, Professor Seaman and Professor Bruns’ presentations allowed us to look in on how the strategies for writing and researching we are learning now will come together into a cohesive paper eventually.

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