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Research Resources

These tutorials are for your convenience. Remember to contact the librarian for personal assistance at any time via your links to the right of the screen.


…beginning your research?

College of Charleston Guide for Starting Your Research
Types of Resources: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary (pdf)

You might want to begin your research with a three-pronged approach: look for resources using natural language in a source like Google Scholar; look in your library’s resources, and use research guides when available (CofC,  AndersonCitadel, ClemsonUSC)  look at your library’s list of databases (CofC, AndersonCitadel, ClemsonUSC).

But it all begins with a research question. Learn more about forming a research question.


...ready to begin gathering journal articles? For any suggested databases, use the subject or research guides for your library, or contact your librarian for help, or look for the HELP feature within the database.

…ready to learn how to use keywords in a database? This tutorial, given by a “research sock,” also highlights useful database features.

…studying Criminal Justice with Anderson University?

Research Guide for Criminal Justice

Research Guide for Homeland Security

…a student in Social Work?

Social Work suggested resources from USC

SOWK 742, session Fall 2016 Handout,

Searching the U.S. Census (steps for American Factfinder)

…a Technical Project Management student?

try the Project Management Research Guide provided by the Citadel.

…a Graduate student?

Learn how to create an EBSCO account (no audio) Undergraduate student?

Learn the difference between scholarly and popular sources

Search Academic Search Complete

 …needing other research help?

Call numbers, Library of Congress.
Finding a book in the College of Charleston Addlestone Library

Needing help citing sources?


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