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The Best Commencement Speeches

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Summer Reading

Need some more relaxing reading this summer than your class readings? Try NPR’s Morning Edition Book Club,

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Black Lives Matter

The University of Arizona has put together a great resource guide for discussing Ferguson, which is relevant for discussing the recent North Charleston police officer shooting case.

In this guide, in the section Framing the Issues, the authors suggest several databases which your university probably owns.

Access your library from the links on the right of this page, and check the titles in the alphabetical databases list, or as a title search in the main search box.

Some of the databases suggested include CQ Researcher, GenderWatch, JStor and the African American Experience. All great sources for examining and facilitating discussion.

Your Voice May Get You That Job!

A recent NPR report by Aarti Shahani explains that some companies are using algorithms to decode voices before deciding who to hire.

Read or listen to the article here: 

From the article, “Jobaline has taken that research and fed it into algorithms that interpret how a voice makes others feel and cross checks its judgment with real human listeners.”

What to Read for Valentines?

An infographic leading to the perfect book!




6 Productivity Apps

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Need to maximize your time in your busy life?  Explore these free or low cost apps that boost productivity.

Original source, PopSugarTech

15 Ways to Conquer Procrastination

It might be too late for this semester, but consider this great infographic to help you conquer your procrastination for next semester.

SOURCE: Entrepreneur,

Infographic, Procrastination Help

New font and dictionary for people with dyslexia

font created for dyslexics


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Curate Content Visually

What are the most modern tools available to allow learners to sift, skim, and curate content? And to do so in ways that are personalized, flexible, and meet the increasingly visual standards of digital tools?

Seven Cutting Edge Tools To Curate Content 



10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

source: Yahoo Screen, original from Business Insider



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