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A Vision of the Future

Author David Brin predicted Google glass. What else does he say?
Google glass

Your Librarian is on Vacation

While your librarian is vacationing, please access reference help from your home institutions (where you pay your tuition) following the links on the right of the screen. Look for the Ask, or Ask Us! Tab or link.
I will return Monday, July 8.
Happy summer!
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Critical Elements for Your Resume

5 Critical Elements of Any Résumé
By Catherine Conlan, Monster Contributing Writer102275_124x93

Mapping U.S. (and us) through Technology

Another fascinating project using tweets to map hate in the United States.

The Charleston area is not a hotspot, thank goodness.
The main site is:

The Geography of Hate map is:

Mobile Lives of College Students

Does this graphic reflect your life? (Please don’t use your phone in the bathroom!).

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Mobile Lives of Online Colleges


Get More out of Google

Infographic: Get More Out Of Google


Click the image for a great reminder of how to search Google more effectively from



Seeking a Job or Career?

Visit this CofC Research Guide for helpful career resources.

Campus Technology Predicts Higher Ed trends

Many of you students are already there!

6 Higher Ed Tech Trends To Watch in 2013

Here are six areas that every IT pro in higher education should keep an eye on during the coming year. ( McCrea, Bridget ,

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This Wild Idea

Too busy with class to travel? Learn about people in each of the states from Theron’s Wild Idea:


Study Skills Help

Start your semester off right with some great resources available from the College of Charleston Center for Student Learning. Visit for the Online Study Skills Library.


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