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Strategies for Surviving First Day of Classes


Our Own Little Free Library

Unveiling the Little Free LibraryThe North Campus and Lowcountry Graduate Center unveiled a Little Free Library in May. The library was built and donated by Fred Herrmann, and was brilliantly painted by the two students pictured in this photo.

We hope lots of our neighbors, students and staff “take a book, or leave a book!”

The Little Free Library is located across the parking lot.


The Best Commencement Speeches

from NPR,

Summer Reading

Need some more relaxing reading this summer than your class readings? Try NPR’s Morning Edition Book Club,

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Your Voice May Get You That Job!

A recent NPR report by Aarti Shahani explains that some companies are using algorithms to decode voices before deciding who to hire.

Read or listen to the article here: 

From the article, “Jobaline has taken that research and fed it into algorithms that interpret how a voice makes others feel and cross checks its judgment with real human listeners.”

What to Read for Valentines?

An infographic leading to the perfect book!




6 Productivity Apps

person at computer

Need to maximize your time in your busy life?  Explore these free or low cost apps that boost productivity.

Original source, PopSugarTech

Skateboarding in Charleston

Are you a Skateboarder? Read about your rules and rights here:

skateboard map

SEARCHING TIP: For more maps of the City of Charleston, do a Google Image search for Charleston Peninsula maps.


Never Underestimate the Impact of a Librarian

This infographic is from Elsevier’s Library Connect and Jenny Delasalle, a freelance consultant and librarian. It tells the story of how librarians are working with researchers and the research office to measure research impact and to explore the application of these measurements.  – See more at:

impact of librarians

Absolutely nothing to do with finals….

Bu you know you wanted to know this: