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Mobile Lives of College Students

Does this graphic reflect your life? (Please don’t use your phone in the bathroom!).

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Mobile Lives of Online Colleges


Study Skills Help

Start your semester off right with some great resources available from the College of Charleston Center for Student Learning. Visit for the Online Study Skills Library.


image from CofC media library.

How the world views the U.S. elections

Interesting opinions from around the world.

Traffic Heavy TODAY, 10/16/2012

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to move by motorcade from the Charleston International Airport/Charleston Air Force Base to the McAlister Funeral Home on Savannah Highway to attend visitation services for Senator Fritz Holling’s wife Peatsy, who passed away Sunday. Visitation is scheduled from 5 to 7 p.m.

Traffic is expected to be delayed while the motorcade moves from the airport to West Ashley during the afternoon rush hour window. Biden is not expected to stay long.

Get real specific with Google’s Verbatim

Google’s Verbatim search tool was introduced last November, but somehow, I missed it. The best explanation I have found is on The Huffington Post.

Simply put, it allows you to search the EXACT word you want to search, by-passing Google’s algorithmic guesses about what you really might have meant to search (“did you mean…?”). If you’ve ever been looking for an “oddly” spelled word, you know how frustrating it can be to get past Google’s substitutions.

After conducting a search, look for the tool on the left of the screen, under “show search tools.”  Keep scrolling on the left and you will see verbatim.

No Internet Access July 20-22

All College of Charleston systems will experience an interruption in service during the weekend of July 20 – 22 for system upgrades! 

This affects access to OAKS, email, and the Internet while you are on campus.

Art + Science

Read about the necessary pairing of Art + Science in a collaborative effort called Stem to Steam.


Crafting a Perfect Cover Letter

from Wired Magazine…

A cover letter gives you, the applicant, an opportunity to write as you would speak professionally, and take slight creative license in expressing your validity as the newest employee of the company of your dreams.



image source:

Apps for iPads & iPhones

Keeping up with information is always a challenge. There are three newsreader apps for your mobile device  that I am curious about —Google Currents, Flipboard and Zite.

Do you use one? Which do you prefer? Please vote!

Follow this link for a comparison of all three.




Project from your iPhone

Want to project images on a wall from your iPhone? Absolutely, YES!

iPhone projector

This small device allows you to do it. Right now, it’s a separate device, but it would be great if it becomes an iPhone feature in the near near future. Does anyone know if there’a an app for that?

(Thanks Clayton Nagy for finding this article).

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