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Gertrude Sanford Legendre papers on LCDL

By mchughck
Posted on 24 October 2014 | 10:23 am — 

Exciting news! We now have 11 photo albums available in the Lowcountry Digital Library:

Coming soon: WWII Nazi and Fascist leader photographs, approximately 10 new photo albums (including Indo-China and various African expeditions), World War II correspondence, and photo portraits of Gertrude Legendre by famed artists such as Man Ray, George Platt Lynes, Toni Frissell and Charlotte Fairchild. Enjoy!

Jane Sanford and Mario Pansa

By mchughck
Posted on 21 January 2014 | 7:28 pm — 

Gertrude’s sister, Sarah Jane (“Janie”) Cochran Sanford, married Italian diplomat, Mario Pansa, in 1937. Pansa played polo with Stephen Sanford, and served as a social adviser to Benito Mussolini before and during World War II. Below are images of the couple, as well as images from Mario’s time in fascist Italy and Germany during WWII.

We are still in the process of identifying some of the men in these photographs. If you recognize someone, let us know (!


Jane (left) and Mario Pansa


The Pansa’s wedding invitation and portrait


Jane golfing in Palm Beach, Florida



Mario and his polo team



Mario with his elephant trophy, 1930


June 1943. Benito Mussolini (in white), Mihai Antonescu, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, (2nd from right) Mario Pansa (6th from left), others unidentified



June 1943. Mihai Antonescu, Mussolini (center), and Pansa (second from center), others unidentified





Mihai Antonescu, June 1943


June 1943. Mihai Antonescu, others unidentified


June 1943. Benito Mussolini (right), Mihai Antonescu (left)


June 1943. Benito Mussolini (right), Mihai Antonescu (left)


Galeazzo Ciano (center), Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy from 1936 until 1943 and Benito Mussolini’s son-in-law.

photo 7

June 1943. Mihai Antonescu (center), Mario Pansa (front left), others unidentified

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