A World of Jewish Culture began twenty years ago in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Now celebrating Israel @ 70, the Jewish Studies program is thrilled to present three Israeli films in their Charleston debut. Screenings will be held in Arnold Hall. Admission is $10, with popcorn and refreshments provided.

6/3 at 10AM: Israel at 70 Film Series: Ben Gurion, Epilogue
6/5 at 6PM: Israel at 70 Film Series: Israel – A Home Movie
6/6 at 6PM: Israel at 70 Film Series: The Fifth Heaven

Also taking place back by popular demand, music leaders from Congregation Bet Haverim in Atlanta bring their vibrant voice and spirit to Saffron’s Jewish Coffeehouse for an encore performance. Will RobertsonGayanne Geurin, Brad Davidorf, and Sarah Zaslaw – singers accompanied by violin, accordion, and guitar – travel the spectrum of eras and places, languages, and moods, honoring facets of the Jewish experience.

To check out the full list of events click the link

Buy tickets to the events HERE.

2018 LCWA Awards Ceremony

On May 10, 2018 the School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs hosted their annual Awards Ceremony honoring distinguished students. Congratulations to the following students

Graeser Memorial Award – Rachel Nichols

Harold A. Mouzon Award – Sophie Naughton

Robert H. Duryea, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award – Kayla Souders

Josef Modzelewski Memorial Award – Megan Carpenter

Conseula Francis Outstanding Student Award – Joshua Mack

James F. Snyder European Studies Award – Kelly Lifchez, Justin Theilig

Ludwig Lewisohn Prize – Lisa Thompson

Norton Seltzer Awards in Jewish Studies – Marni Sapolsky, Michelle Myers

Tim Carmichael African Travel Award – Hannah Dee, Katharine Salter, India Miraldi, Grace Isabella Lee

African American Studies — Dr. Kameelah Martin
Community Activism Award – La’Nasa Clarkson
Rising Scholar Award – Ayana Walker
Outstanding Senior Scholar Award – Chantelle Lebeau
Capstone Project Award – Chantelle Lebeau
Bernard E. Powers Writing Award – Isabel Johnston

Archaeology — Dr. Scott Harris
Golden Marshalltown Award – Molly Van Ostran

Classics — Dr. Trish Ward
Outstanding Student Award (Classics AB) – Ehren Wilder
Departmental Honors – Sophie Naughton

French, Francophone, and Italian — Dr. Lisa Signori
Departmental Honors – Catherine Dadmun
Outstanding Student Award – Johan Crisanti, Wiebke Mason, Rachel Nichols
French Club Award – Caroline Carmichael

Dr. Giovannd De Luca and Dr. Michael Maher —presenting Italian Program Awards
Outstanding Student – Christa Bello, Charlotte Isaacs, Emily Schlapp
Italian Club Award – Christa Bello
Friedgen Family Study Abroad Scholarship – Kelsey Balm, Jenna Ferreri, Jorge Orozco

 German and Russian — Dr. Morgan Koerner
Outstanding Student—German – Caitlin Billard, Abigail Zurawski
Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Fellowship – Brianna Mawra
LCWA Russian Studies Award – Liza Talantova

Hispanic Studies — Dr. Mark Del Mastro
Most Accomplished Spanish Major – Katherine Murchison
Distinguished Spanish Major – Le’ah Griggs
Outstanding Spanish Major – Ana Camila Bailey, Kimberly Meighan, Andrew Costa, Katharine Murchison, Le’ah Griggs, McCathern Painter
Departmental Honors – Jolie Hiers

International Studies— Dr. Malte Pehl
Departmental Honors – Alexandra Astor, Kimberly Meighan, Annsley Banks, Katherine Murchison, Morgan Godfrey, Rachel Nichols, Madeline Leibin
Outstanding Student Award – Alexandra Astor, Kimberly Meighan, Annsley Banks, Katherine Murchison, Jalen Brooks-Knepfle, Rachel Nichols, Kelty Carson, McCathern Painter, Meredith Grant, Katherine Salter, Natalia Hardee, Eric Singleton, Reilly Kilpatrick, Sylvia Skerry, Julie Kramer, Nicole Woolcock, Madeline Leibin

 Latin American and Caribbean Studies — Dr. Lola Colomina-Garrigos
Outstanding Student Award – Brooke Bazemore



10th Annual World Cultures Fair

On Thursday, March 29th the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs hosted the 10th Annual World Cultures Fair. People got to enjoy great food, music, live performances, and learn about a variety of other cultures. Here are just some of the photos taken at the event. You can find many more at the CofC World Cultures Fair Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1593702730708166&type=3

LCWA World Affairs Colloquium Series w ith the World Affairs Council of Charleston presents “The Dust of Kandahar”

April 5th
Wells Fargo Auditorium

Ambassador Addleton will talk about his most recent book, The Dust of Kandahar: A Diplomat Among Warriors in Afghanistan. Providing a personal account of one diplomat’s year of service in America’s longest war, he describes the everyday human drama of the American soldiers, government officials, religious leaders and others with whom he interacted in southern Afghanistan. His is a firsthand account of the April 2013 suicide bombing attack outside a Zabul school that killed his translator, a fellow Foreign Service Officer and three American soldiers. His memory of this tragedy offers a heart-felt tribute to the soldiers with whom he served as well as providing poignant glimpses into the interior life of a U.S. diplomat stationed in harm’s way.


Fall 2017 LCWA World Affairs Colloquium Series

The Fall 2017 LCWA World Affairs Colloquium Series will be held on November 30th. Dr. William J. Parker III will be presenting the lecture in the Wells Fargo Auditorium beginning at 4:00pm.

William J. Parker III, PhD
EastWest Institute
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. William J Parker III is the Chief Operating Officer at the EastWest Institute, a global NGO committed to conflict prevention and resolution with offices in New York, Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Dallas.

An award-winning author, Dr. Parker has published over thirty academic articles and co-authored the book Jihadist Strategic Communication. Additionally, his 2016 book, Guaranteeing America’s Security in the Twenty-First Century, is considered a practitioners’ guide to national security.

Dr. Parker is an accomplished speaker and frequent guest commentator in global media on issues of national security and the global economy. He has addressed the media in more than thirty nations, including such outlets as Fox News, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, Patriot Radio, Voice of America and other live radio and television shows. He appears in and consulted on the 2016 Discovery Channel documentary Sonic Sea, which was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Nature Documentary.