Dr. Kevin Pluta and the Palace of Nestor

In the Odyssey the Greek hero Nestor returned safely to Pylos. Today Mycenean Pylos is an important archaeological site located on the western coast of the Peloponnese in Greece. Carl Blegen first excavated the site in 1952 and identified the palace found there as the Palace of Nestor. Work on the Linear B tablets from Pylos is on-going. Dr. Kevin Pluta and Dimitri Nakassis have been selected to direct the publication of the Linear B tablets from Pylos. This will involve the production of three-dimensional images of the tablets, using multiple 3d imaging techniques. These images, along with a revised and re-edited commentary, will be published as Palace of Nestor IV.

Commencement Awards and Honors (2012)

This year Classics recognized three of its students with named awards and honors: Mitch Cordes, Dan Egli, and Rachel Barkley.

            The Harold A. Mouzon Scholarship in Classical Studies is the highest distinction that a Classics major can achieve. This year the Department recognized Mitch Cordes as the recipient of the Award. As an AB Classics major, Mitch completed coursework in Latin and Greek (at the advanced level) as well as ancient culture courses. He also graduated with a BS degree in Biochemistry. Following graduation Mitch will be commissioned in the U.S. Navy and will begin medical school at the Uniformed Services University in Maryland.

            The Robert H. Duryea Jr. Memorial Scholarship is given to the Classics major, who demonstrates the highest performance in the Latin language. This year’s recipient was Dan Egli.  Dan completed a major in Classics and an additional minor in Latin. He excelled in such courses as Ovid, Medieval Latin, Roman Biography, and Latin prose composition. Dan plans to teach Latin at the high school level.

            The Department’s Outstanding Student Award for 2012 went to Rachel Barkley. Rachel Barkley graduated from the Honors College with majors in both Classics and Historic Preservation, and a minor in Creative Writing. Rachel excelled not only in her outstanding performance in both Latin language and Classical civilization courses, but also in her ability to make connections and see the relationships between all of the subjects that she studied. In the near future Rachel plans to attend graduate school in Museum Studies.

Dr. Noelle Zeiner-Carmichael Wins NEH Grant

The NEH has awarded Dr. Zeiner-Carmichael a grant to participate in the Summer Seminar Communication, Empire, and the City of Rome at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, from June 25 to July 27, 2012. She will spend this research time in Rome and at the American Academy’s library to explore both the logistics of letter-writing in the ancient world and the role of epistolary texts as literary works, including their role in forming social networks.


Melissa Huber Awarded Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship

One final bit of good news to report about Melissa Huber (now one of our distinguished alumni).  Melissa has just received word that she has been awarded a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship.  This is a national award from the honor society Phi Kappa Phi, and provides $5000 to support a year of graduate study.  Another great honor for Melissa.  Please join us in congratulating her.

Angelina Phebus named 2011 ExCEL Outstanding Student of the Year for the School of LCWA

Congratulations to Angelina Phebus, who was recognized as the 2011 Outstanding Student of the Year for the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs through the Excellence in Collegiate Education and Leadership (ExCEL ) program.

The award is presented to a College of Charleston student from each academic school who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and/or involvement in service. This individual has taken initiative to address a need in the campus community, and has inspired or encouraged others to do the same. The recipient displays dedication, responsibility, commitment and service to making a difference in the lives of others.

Early returns are in! Classics students earn spots in top programs.

As graduate/professional schools make decisions about the class of 2011, CofC students begin to receive notifications.  Please join us in congratulating the accomplishments of the following students:

Melissa Huber has been accepted to the:

  • Ph.D. program in Classical Studies at Duke
  • Ph.D. program in Greek and Roman history at the University of Michigan

Both offers come with full fellowship funding.

Angelina Phebus has been accepted into the:

  • MA program at Georgia
  • Ph.D. program in Classics at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
  • Ph.D. program in classics at the University of Cincinnati (with full funding)

Additional updates will be posted periodically.


Melissa Huber Awarded 2011-2012 Lionel Pearson Fellowship

The Lionel Pearson Fellowship is a top national honor presented each year by the American Philological Association, one of the top two professional associations for Classics in North America.  Each year, one senior undergraduate nationwide is selected for the award.  The Pearson Fellowship funds a year of post-graduate study in Classics at a university in the U.K.  She plans to apply to the M.A. program in the City of Rome at the University of Reading.  This unique program combines coursework in ancient languages, history, and art at the Reading campus with several months of study and research at the British School in Rome.