Roman Historian Dr. Jen Gerrish Goes Global…

Dr. Jen Gerrish presented her work on the calamity of civil warring at the international conference on “Emotional Trauma in Greek and Roman Culture-Representations and Reactions” at the European Cultural Center of Delphi (ECCD), Greece, June 23-25, 2016. Her paper, “Sallust’s Histories, the Repetition Compulsion, and the Trauma of Civil War,” was selected to be part of a prestigious assembly of scholars meeting over four days. For more on the European Cultural Center and their events, see

European Cultural center


Dr. Sarah Owens’ Article Receives Award

The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women has selected Professor Sarah Owens’ article “Crossing Mexico (1620-1621): Franciscan Nuns and Their Journey to the Philippines” for the award for best article in women and gender in 2015.

Dr. Martha Maus Participates in the University of Salamanca’s International Conference of Spanish

Professor Martha Maus participated in the 4th Annual International Conference of Spanish at the University of Salamanca, Spain from July 3-16 with a grant from the Junta de Castilla y León.  At the same conference, she also completed a course administered specifically for professors of Spanish.