New Research on Ancient Glass

Dr. Allison Sterrett-Krause (Classics) and her student, Classics/Archaeology major, Sarah Legendre presented their research, “Is it a Bottle?” at the “Celebration of Summer Scholars Poster Session” (August 24, 2015). Their work includes a new typology for identifying the object to which a particular glass fragment belonged. They will also present their work at the 2oth congress of the International Association for the History of Glass, held at Fribourg, Switzerland (September 7-11, 2015).

Allison and Sarah

Classics Welcomes Two Faculty Members

We are very pleased to welcome to our faculty Dr. Jennifer Gerrish and Dr. Allison Sterrett-Krause.

Dr. Jennifer Gerrish received her Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Her teaching interests include Greek and Latin language and Greek and Roman history, and her research focuses on Roman historiography, particularly conceptions of civil war and stasis.  Dr. Gerrish is currently writing a monograph on Sallust’s Histories.

Dr. Allison Sterrett-Krause is a Roman archaeologist with special interest in the western Roman world. Her research encompasses both large social trends (gender, agency, and economy) and small archaeological artifacts (Roman inscriptions, Roman glass). She holds a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Cincinnati and teaches Roman civilization, archaeology, and Latin.

Hispanic Studies Welcomes 8 New Faculty Members

The Department of Hispanic Studies is pleased to announce the addition of 8 new faculty members beginning August 2015:

Bethany Beyer, Visiting Assistant Professor

Edward Chauca, Assistant Professor

Carla Collins, Adjunct Faculty

Victoria Garrett, Adjunct Faculty

Lauren Hetrovicz, Adjunct Faculty

Martha Maus, Adjunct Faculty

Antonio Pérez-Núñez, Assistant Professor

Carl Wise, Assistant Professor (returning to CofC in a new faculty rank

Hispanic Studies Rolls out New Curriculum for Major and Minor in Fall 2015

The Department of Hispanic Studies proudly rolls out its new curriculum for Spanish majors and minors beginning August 2015.  With a new “Level” system that assists students with following program pre-requisites, the revamped curriculum also presents an array of new topical courses that affords Spanish majors and minors expanded opportunities to explore the Hispanic world through exciting new courses on literature, culture and film, among other areas.  For additional details on the new Spanish major curriculum click here.  For the Spanish minor, click here.  For the Business Language Minor in Spanish, click here.

College Today Q&A with Dr. Irina Erman

Dr. Irina Erman, our new assistant professor of Russian and director of the Russian Studies program, was profiled in an interview with the College Today about her Vampires course (LTRS 250) this fall, which counts towards the Gen Ed requirement, the Women’s and Gender Studies major/minor, and the Russian Studies minor. Welcome to Charleston, Dr. Erman!

Interview with a Vampire Expert