Brown Bag (Aug 29):“Unleashing the Black Erotic: Gender and Sexuality, Passion, Power and Praxis”

AUGUST 29 Brown Bag Series:“Unleashing the Black Erotic: Gender and Sexuality, Passion, Power and Praxis,” Patricia Williams Lessane and Conseula Francis, College of Charleston, Avery Research Center, 12-1:15 pm. Drs. Lessane and Francis discuss the Avery Research Center’s upcoming annual conference, “Unleashing the Black Erotic,” September 18-21, 2013. This conference will explore race, gender, and sexuality, and may be Avery’s most exciting conference yet!

Herb Parker & Joseph Burwell: Studio Practice School of the Viking Spaniard Revisited (August 23 – October 5, 2013)

The stereotypical image of the artist’s studio as a paint-splattered, sparsely furnished garret where the lone artist toils away producing their brilliant works is in much need of re-examination. Many artists’ studios are a far cry from this description, and serve very different functions for their inhabitants. This exhibition will examine the relationship between the studio and the work produced within it by two contemporary artists who will recreate their studio spaces within the Halsey Institute’s galleries.

Here is a link to the exhibition’s online presence ::

This exhibition might pique a visitor who is also interested in medieval architecture and planning to attend the lecture by Dr. Matthew Johnson, “How Castles Work” on September 12 at 7pm in the Simons Center for the Arts, Room 309.


Latin Summer (July 15-26, 2013): A Great Success!

Latin Summer is a two-week summer academic enrichment program, sponsored by the Classics Department and held at the College of Charleston, that provides students a unique chance to learn about Latin and the classical world. Over the past fourteen years, Latin Summer has introduced Latin and the classics to elementary and middle-aged students from our community. This year nearly 30 young students explored Latin, mythology, Roman culture, and more! Also several of our own Latin students from the College served as teaching interns during the two-week program.

Charleston Summer.2013Student Interns.2013

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant Awarded

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $50,000 to the College of Charleston to support the Foundation’s initiative in “Scholarly Communication and Information Technology.” The grant will be a twelve month project related to the imaging, analysis, and publication of the Linear B Tablets from Pylos, Greece. This project is a collaborative effort between the College, the University of Toronto (Dr. Dimitri Nakassis), the University of Texas, Clemson University, and Mississippi State University. The College of Charleston serves as the site for developing and serving the informatics component of the project. Dr. Jim Newhard, an associate professor of Classics and Director of the College’s Archaeology Program, and Dr. Kevin Pluta, recently an adjunct in Classics at the College of Charleston and the newly named Interim Director of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory at the University of Texas, serve as co-PIs for the grant. Congratulations to Kevin and Jim.

New Faculty Join the Department of Classics

 This year we are pleased to welcome three new faculty members to our department. They are a talented group, and each will enhance our programming and are excited to begin the semester. Look for them in class, or better yet stop by their offices in Randolph Hall 306-308 and introduce yourself. They would enjoy meeting you.

Dr. Allison Sterrett Krause (Ph.D. University of Cincinnati, 2012) Visiting Assistant Professor • Interests: the art and architecture of Greece and Rome; ancient topography and urban development; ancient technology and craft production; Latin language, literature, and epigraphy; Roman social history; Roman North Africa; gender in antiquity  •Upcoming Select Courses: Images of Women in Classical Antiquity; Ancient Homes and Households

Megan Alwine (M.A. University of Florida, 2007) Adjunct • Interests: Latin language and pedagogy •Upcoming Course: Medical Terminology in Greek and Latin

Dr. James Lohmar (Ph.D. University of Florida, 2013) Adjunct • Interests: Greek and Latin epic poetry; violence, aesthetics, and the reception of Classical literature; Roman material culture •Upcoming Select Courses: Latin language courses

The Beginning of a New Year: Updates

On behalf of all the Classics faculty, we are looking forward to welcoming or welcoming you back for the 2013-2014 academic year. It will be an exciting time learning together — interesting classes, speakers, and other events, some traditional and some new.

Two updates you will immediately notice:  The Cast Museum is being renovated and expanded with additional displays. Also our classrooms in Randoplh Hall (301A and B) have undergone a technology renovation, including full digital projection capability in both rooms, as well as lighting, sound, and a technology station.

Again, it promises to be an exciting year, and when you arrive on campus feel free to stop by our offices and update us on your summer and plans for the year.