The work advantages of being multilingual

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Flickr User: noticelj


From MSN Careers

With more companies looking to take their offerings to a global audience, the demand for bilingual employees is growing. If you can speak more than one language, then you could be in high demand. Here’s how employees can make their multilingual skills work for them. Read more at MSN Careers

5 Job Types Where A Modern Language Degree Helps

From: Careerealism
In today’s interconnected world, it’s increasingly important for even the smallest business to have a global aspect. From a self-employed freelancer to a position with a major multi-international company, whatever career pathyou choose can only be aided by the ability to fluently use foreign languages.

Having a modern language degree means there will always be an outlet for you skills. Many employers will have vacancies suited to your own specialty, whether it be Mandarin, Spanish, or Russian. But what are some of the career options available? Visit the link below for the details.


Teaching is Cultural – Varies with Country

From “Improving Mathematics Teaching” by James W. Stigler and James Hiebert

The Cultural Nature of Teaching
We concluded from our first study that teaching is a cultural activity: learned implicitly, hard to see from within the culture, and hard to change. We were struck by the homogeneity of teaching methods observed within each country and by the striking differences in methods we observed across Germany, Japan, and the United States. Even in the United States, a country with great diversity in language, ethnicity, and economic conditions and an education system controlled by local governing boards, the nationwide variation in 8th grade mathematics teaching was much smaller than we had expected.