Yammer is Here!


Yammer is Here!

Today the College officially launched the CofC Yammer Network!


Join Yammer Now

Signing up is easy and takes less than 60 seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Go to http://yammer.com/office365
  2. Enter your College of Charleston email (@cofc.edu) & press “Tab”
  3. You will be redirected a College of Charleston branded login page.
  4. Enter your MyCharleston password, and click submit
  5. Follow the steps to set up your Yammer account

For detailed instructions, visit the Yammer website @ it.cofc.edu/accounts-email/yammer/


What is changing?

Yammer serves as a central point of communication and collaboration for the College.  It replaces several of the current disparate and outdated communication methods, ensuring that communication across the college is unified.  The following have been decommissioned with the Yammer “Go Live”.

  • Faculty Listserv
  • Faculty & Staff Listserv
  • Staff Listserv
  • College of Charleston Web Forums

One of the big advantages of Yammer is that it combines the functionality of web forums with listservs so that members can receive and post messages via a web interface, mobile client, or simply by email.  The following Yammer groups have already been created to expand the functionality that was provided by the Listservs:

  • All Company- All Faculty & Staff are members of “All Company”.  Only messages that need to be communicated to all CofC Yammer users should be posted to “All Company”
  • Faculty Only – Private group for College Faculty.  Only members can view or participate in this group.  Membership must be verified and approved by group administrator.
  • Classifieds – College classifieds, items for sale
  • Events – Things to do at the College
  • Open Discussion – Share your opinions here!
  • Yammer Help – Get answers to your questions about Yammer here


How do I Post by Email?

You can have conversations in Yammer without ever leaving your email inbox. If you want to post a message by using email to a specific group in your network, you must send an email message to both the group and network names in lowercase, together with a plus (+) symbol in between the names, and without any spaces or punctuation, followed by @yammer.com. For example, to post to Classifieds via email, send your message to classifieds+cofc.edu@yammer.com and it will show in that group as a post.


What is Yammer?

Yammer is the College of Charleston’s enterprise social network, a private and secure online environment that makes real-time communication, collaboration, and sharing among faculty and staff easier and more efficient than ever before.  Yammer will consolidate the disparate methods used to communicate across the college into a centralized “one stop” service for college communication, information sharing, and collaboration.  You will be able to use Yammer to subscribe to content based on your interests and responsibilities, send messages directly to groups or individuals, and create public or private groups for departments, project teams or special interests.


To Learn more about Yammer…

Visit the Yammer website @ it.cofc.edu/accounts-email/yammer/