Realignment of Departments in IT

The Division of Information Technology is strategically re-aligning departments to foster a more collaborative working environment and improve our efficiencies to benefit the College community. This revised organizational structure better aligns the natural work affinities among units within IT; it better relates to the disciplines of the IT Project Management Office; and it encourages forward-thinking and leadership. Because technology is constantly changing, our patterns of work must evolve to successfully meet the ongoing and future needs of the College. The set of Directors is unchanged; although some departments are now reporting to different Directors.  Some very complex and impactful new projects will be assigned to Directors with the capacity to lead them: Change Management, Voice-over-IP; and Assessment of Cloud Opportunities.

One of the main reasons for the department realignment is to encourage an even closer working relationship among Programmers and System Administrators as well as with Server Support and Networking Engineering.  A summary of the changes is provided below.

Departmental Realignment

  • The Identity and Access Management unit moves to Information Security;
  • Network Engineering moves to Infrastructure;
  • Enterprise Application Services is a new department comprising the Database Administrators (DBA’s), System Administrators, Programming Managers and Developers, Web Support, and Mobile Applications Development. This department develops, implements, and maintains enterprise applications.
  • Information Services now reports to Marcia Moore

The departments of IT Support Services, Teaching Learning and Technology, Communications & Customer Advocacy, Finance & Planning and the Project Management Office remain unchanged.

As a reminder, please always initiate your IT service requests or questions through the IT Helpdesk. If you are involved in an ongoing project, please continue to use familiar pathways to contact members of Information Technology until advised otherwise.