New Classroom Improvements!

IT has been working hard this summer to ensure that the classrooms exceed your needs! Based on your input and technology trends, IT assessed the technology in the classrooms and is making improvements for Fall, 2014.

Faster Computer Boot Times

Solid State Drives (SSDs) will be installed in all of the classrooms that are equipped with a Windows computer. SSDs offer a host of advantages over conventional hard drives such as:

  • super-fast boot times
  • low noise levels
  • better reliability and lifetime span
  • lower power consumption

Computer boot times will be 3-times faster. On average, it should take a little over a minute for you to start the computer, login and open an application

Document Cameras

IT will be replacing antiquated document cameras with new Lumens document cameras, which will enhance the overall image quality, resolution, and clarity. The new document cameras are easy to operate.

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional has been installed on all of the Windows computers in the classrooms. For training information for Outlook 2013 and other Microsoft Office 2013 applications, please visit for tutorials on the various applications of Microsoft Office 2013.

Computer Software and Updates

All classroom computers will be re-imaged this summer. Re-imaging is the process of removing and reinstalling software on computers.  We encourage you to review the standard image at before you teach in a classroom.

New Classrooms for Fall 2014

Students will learn in a variety of instructional spaces from traditional lecture-style rooms to flexible learning spaces to lecture-capture rooms at the new home of the College of Charleston North Campus and Lowcountry Graduate Center (LCC).

Harbor Walk will house the Department of Computer Science, a biology lab, biology and physics classrooms, labs, faculty offices, and faculty research labs. Harbor Walk is located at 360 Concord Street in Charleston.

Over 40 new classrooms will be online as a result of the two new buildings! To say the least, IT has been very busy this summer!