Classrooms with Ninja-like Tech Support

Classrooms with Ninja-like Tech Support

That’s one way to describe it. As part of the Classroom Technology Project, Information Technology implemented a new system that allows IT support staff to proactively monitor and quickly troubleshoot the technology in the upgraded classrooms across campus. This implementation is a result of IT’s efforts to improve operational efficiencies.

The new system is a server that is currently set-up to communicate with  57 classrooms on campus. The goal is to minimize any amount of technology downtime for the faculty and students.


  • IT support staff can access the control panel in the classrooms remotely (control volume, restart the system, switch video sources, turn on projector, etc)

  • Automated warning notifications are sent to IT support staff to proactively maintain the system. For example, messages are sent when light bulbs in projectors are about to expire, projector filters need to be replaced, and when systems are offline (not connected to the network).

IT has already effectively used the new system over winter break when the campus lost power. IT support staff remotely reset the technology in the classrooms across campus that were experiencing issues.

IT has plans to add more classrooms to the system and we’ll keep the campus informed on our progress.