IT Open Forum Today at 2pm

Just a friendly reminder that the Information Technology Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) will be hosting an Open Forum for all interested faculty, staff and students of the College on Monday, December 16th.  We’d love the opportunity to hear your voice regarding your priorities and needs for IT services at the College.

ITSAC Open Forum
Physician’s Auditorium
Monday, December 16th @ 2:00 pm

If you are unable to attend but would like to express your idea to the Committee, please email the members of the Committee (listed below) at  This email address will distribute your comments to the entire Committee. For more on ITSAC and this planning effort please see below.

To align investment of IT resources and talent to best support the College Strategic Plan; and
To engage constituents and College leadership in articulating the campus’ most important requirements and expectations for availability and utilization of technology.

Plan for the Plan
The development of the 2015-2017 Information Technology Strategic Plan will bring together faculty, staff and student representatives from the entire College community to share needs, ideas, and expectations for technology both now and into the future.  It will provide multiple opportunities for IT to better understand its users and for users to better understand the challenges faced by IT in funding, implementing, and maintaining technology in support of the mission, goals and strategies of the College.  This is the first iteration of a rolling, 3-year strategic planning process that will facilitate a comprehensive, flexible IT strategic plan for the College.

Expected Outcome
Implementation of the IT strategic planning process will set institutional priorities for IT and identify funding to be requested for key initiatives to take place in FY15, FY16, FY17, & beyond.  The efforts produced here should inform annual iterations and refinements of this process, thereby ensuring that IT fulfills its mission most effectively and efficiently.

The ITSAC Members as of November 25, 2013

  • Boone, Marijana
  • Boyd, Cathy
  • Bryson, Joshua A
  • Burbage, Priscilla
  • Cabot, Jeri O
  • Campbell, John
  • Caveny-Noecker, Deanna M.
  • Cherry, Lynn
  • Curtis, John
  • Desplaces, David
  • Hagood, Margaret
  • Hale, Jerry
  • Hallberg, Barbara S
  • Kersey, Robert N
  • Owens, Kathryn
  • Pope, Ed
  • Posey, James
  • Rivaleau, Susan Anderson
  • Smith, Wayne
  • Starr, Chris
  • Stoudenmire, Larry
  • White, John W
  • Vulava, Vijay M
  • Cape, Bob
  • 3 additional invitations outstanding