Standard Test + Survey Scanning Services

Since full semester and express II final grades due at noon on Friday, December 13, 2013, we thought that we’d post a reminder about the scanning services available on campus.

Scanning Services
Departmental administrative assistants maintain a supply of the General Purpose NCS Answer Sheet (#4521) forms. Additional forms can be obtained by calling Procurement & Supply at 727-6430.

To Scan and Grade Your Own Tests or Surveys

  • 5th floor, Bell Building: A Scantron workstation with written instructions is located in the hallway outside of room #528 Bell Building, 5th floor.  An operator is available for assistance.  Hours are Monday – Friday: 7:30am-5:00pm.
  • Faculty Resource Room at the Addlestone Library:  The faculty resource room in Addlestone 336 has a self-service Scantron workstation for your use.  Faculty are encouraged to use the self-service library Scantron to grade tests.   Due to the limited number of staff, the library does not provide support or drop-off services at this location.  To access the room, please sign out the room key at the Circulation desk.  Printed instructions for using the Scantron are available, if needed.  Please return the instructions with room key to the Circulation desk. Faculty can use the room anytime that the library is open.
  • Checking Availability: To check the current availability of the Scantron station before walking over to the library or Bell building, you can check here – This availability map only works on campus or through a remote VPN connection.

Scanning Drop-off Service

  • To have standard tests graded, fill out form DD#CCS1809A and return it with the answer key, student answer sheets, and instructor’s name to room #529 Bell Building, 5th floor.
  • To have surveys scanned, fill out form DD#CCS1409A and return it with the student response sheets, one copy of actual survey questions, and the instructor’s name to room #529 Bell Building, 5th floor .

Results are usually available within 24 hours and can be picked up from the same location – room #529 Bell Building, 5th floor.  There are some special instances when results are needed the same day, in one hour, or immediately.  If workload permits, these requests will be accommodated.  Otherwise, the results will be produced as soon as possible.