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St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by: Joseph Kelly | March 4, 2015 | No Comment |

           March 17th is the day we celebrate the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. He has come to be known for many wondrous feats, and most importantly elevating the spirit of a people who eventually became a Christian nation. His accomplishments for the faith that he loved and spread with unrivaled vigor in a space into which he entered as a slave, is a story of legend. We are humbled by the opportunity to repay his sacrifices and triumphs with a day of recognition.Saint_Patrick_(window)

           The Irish of Charleston since the 18th Century have exerted their efforts to properly bring attention to the exertions of this great man. It has always been with a combination of reverence and joy, respect and playfulness, that natives of Ireland and their descendants demonstrate their love and admiration for the homeland and what Patrick enabled it to become. In the spirit of this delightful obligation various Irish-American societies and organizations will once again in 2015 come together on “the day we wear the green” to perform this happy duty.

           Thus on Tuesday, 17 March of this year, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Knights of Columbus, and the South Carolina Irish Historical Society will assemble at 8 AM in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Radcliffe Street for solemn Mass performed by The Right Reverend Robert Gugliemone. At the conclusion of the service hundreds will assemble on the streets outside to form a celebratory parade that will venture down King Street to Broad and complete its mission in front of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist at Broad and Legare Streets. This march will begin at 10 AM.

           Just up the street another assembly will gather in front of City Hall at 11:30 AM for what has become the annual “raising of the tricolors”, or put another way setting the Irish flag atop our seat of local government for the day. The new officers of the SC Irish Historical Society will be sworn in, Mayor Riley will give a rousing talk, and the Irish National Anthem will ring out across the Four Corners of Law.

           After this ennobling start of our festive day Irish and “would-be-Irish” venture forth to spend a day in various activities to enjoy their heritage and bring honor to a man, a saint who helped shape an extraordinary nation.

           This information is presented to the general public so that all in Charleston, not just the Irish, may join in the fun. There may be other forms of revelry the weekend before this propitious day of 17 March, but this is how we choose to pay proper respects to our lineage and Patrick’s legacy.

                                                     Sincerely,            Stephen J. White, Sr.

                                                                           Member of 2015 St. Patrick’s

                                                                                      Day Parade Committee

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