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TRENDING: Gingrich’s unapologetic immigration stance- CNN

Gingrich was vague when he characterized how many illegal immigrants might benefit from creating a path to earned legality, telling approximately 600 people at the College of Charleston’s Sottile Theater, “I think the number that would affect is relatively small but it’s not non-existent.” <>

Newt Targets Sanctuary Cities- Fox News

“No American president has the right to side with foreigners,” Gingrich told a crowd of hundreds at the College of Charleston, after reciting a list of 16 countries that he said had filed friend of the court briefs in a Justice Department lawsuit against South Carolina’s new immigration law. <>

‘Down Goes Willard’- National Review

Gingrich’s visit to Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston kicked off the former House speaker’s three-day campaign swing through the Palmetto State, a key GOP battleground. It was also his first public appearance since the Manchester Union-Leader, a leading Granite State newspaper, endorsed him on Sunday. <>

Gingrich in South Carolina- National Public Radio

KATHY LOHR, BYLINE: Gingrich spoke last night at a town hall at the College of Charleston, where he covered many of the same issues all GOP candidates are stressing: the ailing economy and reducing the size of government. But Gingrich also talked about his position on immigration, which has drawn fire from his Republican rivals. […]

Gingrich Aims to Turn Immigration Issue on Foes- New York Times

At a town-hall-style event at the College of Charleston on Monday evening, Mr. Gingrich assailed the Justice Department for filing a lawsuit against the state’s new immigration law, which would require the police to check the legal status of people they stop. <>

College of Charleston basketball is ready for prime time- Charleston Post and Courier

As spectators filed into TD Arena and basketball players from The Citadel and the College of Charleston went through pre-game warm-ups, members of the television production crew scrambled to make sure everything was set for the game to be broadcast live. Tension was high. Directors in the College of Charleston’s production van ran into some […]

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