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Does language matter?- Charleston Post and Courier

This week, the National Council of Churches was scheduled to hold a symposium called “Language Matters” in Chicago. The meeting was inspired at least in part by the perception that “the use of gender-inclusive language throughout our NCC member communion churches has declined,” the council noted in a news release last week. The news was […]

Variety of needs caused C of C’s tuition hike (op/ed)- Charleston Post and Courier

In recent days, there have been several media reports on the increase in tuition at South Carolina public universities, including the College of Charleston. We welcome public scrutiny and careful examination of our tuition policies. However, because some recent articles about the College have been incomplete, I am writing to set the record straight.

Some S.C. colleges step up to promote wellness- The State

Lindsey Barr, health educator at the College of Charleston, agrees, noting that there is even peer pressure to be healthy. “It’s become hip to do yoga, be vegetarian and eat locally grown food,” she says. Barr says the college’s newsletter, Holistic Healer, (which has a Facebook page) seeks to further encourage “the understanding between the […]

‘R and J’ a modern take on Bard classic- Charleston Post and Courier

Bringing the Bard’s tribute to young love up to the present, playwright Joe Calarco‘s “Shakespeare’s R and J,” an adaptation performed off-Broadway in 1998 and in such far-flung locations as London and Tokyo, opens Friday as a production of the College of Charleston’s theater department.

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