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Casinos, village search for balance- Myrtle Beach Sun News

Doug Walker, an associate professor of economics at the College of Charleston who studies gaming, said that the main impact of the boats is an additional entertainment option. “It’s a big tourist city so this is something that makes it more attractive than some other beach community that might not have those,” he said.

Real estate Q&A: Pets in condos- Kansas City Star

The idea is that pets generally provide emotional support for homeowners. I recently gave a paper that was co-authored with Tim Allen, professor and director of the real estate center at the College of Charleston, which found allowing pets in condos has a positive effect on condominium prices in the South Florida condo market.

Life in Rural Romania-CNN

Natalie Montanaro, 52, a research assistant from the College of Charleston, South Carolina, volunteered for the U.S. Peace Corps and moved to Romania in May 2009. Now, more than a year later, Montanaro lives in the small rural community of Brusturoasa, a collection of five villages in the north-east of the country with a population […]

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