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2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 14

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | June 6, 2017 Comments Off on 2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 14 |

by: Bret Lott

Creative Writing Professor Bret Lott is leading the summer, 2017, study abroad program in Spoleto, Italy.

Caroi Amici:

Well, Day 14 is here, and we’re half-way through. There’s a day every year during my course when I take the students out, set each one in a spot on a particular narrow viale in town, and have them write. That was today. It’s an opportunity to get out of the classroom and take in the town of Spoleto, to sit and to ruminate, and to try and put into words their time here in a different land. Today’s assignment was to begin to take notes toward the final paper, “On Spoleto,” or to write a review of either their tour of the wineries or of the town of Assisi. Two different kinds of travel writing, one impressionistic and the other factual. Another good day well spent here in Spoleto.


Aimee, writing!

Jenna, writing!

Mattie, writing, and representin’, too!

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