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Archives For December 2016

by: Ashley Russell and Katie Smith

Thanks to the HSS Dean’s Excellence Fund, we had the opportunity to travel to Asheville, North Carolina, in November to present a poster at the Society of Southern Social Psychologist’s annual conference.  This was our first experience presenting research that we had been collaborating on with Dr. Chelsea Reid about “Attitude Alignment and Relational Humility.” Although we only presented to three people, it gave us a chance to speak in front of professional psychologists and student peers, which made us more confident after the experience. We were also able to talk to other students presenting research and sit in on a few talks about various social psychology studies being conducted in the southeast. One particular talk, changing the labels on feminism to make the concept more widely accepted across genders, was of particular interest to both of us.

This was a valuable experience for us because we got the chance to show off our own work and feel proud of it. Sometimes, it is hard to see why we spend so many hours in a lab conducting studies, running tests, and writing up research papers. But, attending this conference made us feel a part of a growing community of social psychologists all interested in explaining the human experience.


Left to right: Ashley Russell, Katie Smith

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